Automated TOS with Test Item Analysis

     Download 40 Items Only

     Download 40 Items and Above



Table of Specifications (TOS) should be prepared prior to the quarterly examination. While Test Item Analysis will be accomplished right after quarterly examination.

Follow the steps to yield precise results:

Step 1: Change the basic information like subject, grade level, no. of competency, grading period and school year

Step 2: Enter the learning competency

Step 3: Enter the no. of items and percentage of distribution

Step 4: Enter the no. of items in sequence

Note: There are reserved Slots/Worksheets intended for more items needed.

Steps to follow in doing Test Item Analysis

Step 1: Change the number of examinees and Number of items

Step 2: Enter answer keys

Step 3: Enter the number of students who got the correct answers

You are done. Let the excel application do the rest and you have the results generated automatically.





Self-Instructional Materials / Strategic Intervention Materials (SIMs)

Araling Panlipunan

AP 9 Ang Paglalakbay para sa KKK Download
AP 9 Latitude at Longitude Download


English Grade 7 

English 7 Agreement Important in Daily Conversation Download
English 7 Lets Connect with Coordinating Conjunctions Download
English Grade 7 Learning is Fun Download
GRADE 7 Present Tense of the Verb Download
GRADE 7 Subject-Verb Agreement Download
Grade 7 Verb Tenses Download
Reflect and Connect Download


English Grade 8

English 8- Cohesive Devices A Tool to Effective Writing Download
English 8 The Fabulous Four! Download
English 8 Using Poetic Sound Device Focusing Assonance Download
English Grade 8 Determine Cause and Effect Relationship Download
English Grade 8 Kinds of Sentences According to Structure Download
Grade 8 Adjectives Around Us Download


English Grade 9

English 9  Figures of Speech Best Expression Used in Writing Poem Download
English 9 Identifying the Differemce Download
English 9 Pinning the Point Download
English 9 Transitional Devices Download
English GRADE 9- The Use of Infinitives Download
English GRADE 9-PUNCTUATION Boundless Marks Download



ESP 9 Ang Kahalagahan ng Oras Download
ESP 9 Kasipagan, Pagpupunyagi, Pagtitipid at Wastong Pamamahala sa Naimpok Download



Fil 8 Ang Radyo at Pananaliksik Download
Fil 8 Anyong Kontempoyaryong Panitikan Download
Fil 8 Epiko ng Bagobo Download
Fil 8 Mga Anyong Kontemporaryong Panitikan Download
FIL 8 Pandiwa Download



MAPEH 8 Health Education Download


Math Grade 7

SIM  Math-Grade 7  Jocelyn Labiao Download
SIM Math 7 by Manuel Download
SIM Math 7 Maghunong Kabacan-Portrait Download
SIM Math G7 -Dr.   Marivic  Devibar Download
SIM Math G7 -Estelita  Faunillan Download
SIM Math G7 -Julie Mae L. Gaquing Download
SIM Math G7 -NANZ Download


Math Grade 8

Math 8 Liking to Add Subtract Rational Expressions with Unlike Denominators by Monerva Talusob Download
Math 8 Linear Function by Albert E. Agravante Download
Math 8 Measures of Central Tendency Of Ungrouped Data by Paul John Ongcoy Download
Math 8 Parallelogram A Quadrilateral by Roderick B. Galabo Download
Math 8 System of Linear Equations – Omagap Download
Math 8 Systems of Linear Equation by Noemie Roxan Ciubal Download
Math 8 Triangle Congruence by Charlyn Montecillo Download


Math Grade 9

Grade 9 dela cruz Download
Grade 9 math maulana Download
Math 9 Kabacan Gomintong – edited Download
Math 9 Pigcawayan HS by Heinrich Rivera Download
Math 9 Solve Problems of Parallelogram and Trapezoid by YSON Download


Math Grade 10



Science Grade 7 

Science G7 Different Ecological Relationship Found in an Ecosystem Download
Science G7 Heredity Inheritance and Variation of Traits Mendelian Genetics Download
Science G7 Plant Cell and Animal Cell Download
Science G7 Science 1 Download
Science G7 Science Technology Download
Science G7 The Lives of Ele amd Compie (Elements and Compound) Download
Science GRADE 7 – The Tale of Two Cities Download


Science Grade 8

Science 8 – Camp Atomos 2 Download
Science 8 Camp Atomos Download
Science 8 Special Forces from Nature Download
Science G-8 Introspection The Trendy Table Download
Science G-8 Lets Work Together Download
Science G-8 The Occurrence of Earthquake It’s Our Fault! Download


Science Grade 9

alkane, alkene, alkyne-Presas Download
Chemical vow-Ceriales Download
covalent bond – Dequina Download
Electronic Structure of Matter – Donguines Download
heredity and inheritance – Oga-ob Download
non-mendelian pattern of inheritance-Belandres Download
potential and kinetic – castor Download


TLE Grade 8

TLE 8 Technology and Livelihood Download


TLE Grade 9

TLE 9 Keeping Files on File Download
TLE 9 Organic Farming Download


Teaching Guides

BasicCalc Initial Release 13June Download
Bio1 Initial Release 13June Download
Bio2 Initial Release 13June Download
DRR Initial Release 13June Download
Earth and Life Sci Initial Release June 13 Download
GenMath Initial Release 13June Download
Physics 1 Initial Release June 13 Download
PreCalc Initial Release 13June Download
Statistics Initial Release June 13 Download


Curriculum Guides

Araling Panlipunan Download
Art Download
Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao Download
English Download
EPP and TLE Download
Filipino Download
Health Download
Math Download
Music Download
PE Download
Science Download