DepEd Cotabato Division Official Logo





 The Map  -Represents the coverage of the division of its quality  services.
 17 Laurel Leaves  -Represents the 17 Municipalities of the Division.
 The Gear  -Represents cooperation of the entire division to achieve common goals. It also represents procession, progress and power to change.
 The Torch  -Represents the ability of the Division to serve as a guiding light for its constituents and for the ability of its education to serve as a beacon of light.
 The Book and Learner  -Represents the Division’s vision-mission that is to provide quality education to all endeavour and to achieve excellence for all of its undertakings.
 Mt. Apo -Symbolizes pride of the division to represent one of the country’s famous landmark.

Designed by:                         Joeymark M. Cantere, ITO-I